Greeting from the Headmaster

Dear teachers, pupils and visitors to our website,

For several years now, it has been my honour and pleasure to have run our traditional institute of learning, to help my colleagues in their difficult job of educating pupils and to be an example to the pupils and someone they can trust. The job has been a most rewarding one due to the wonderful experiences and the people I have met along the way, who are still friends today.

Life at our boarding school is colourful to say the least but it is my duty and desire to ensure there is order and a respectful relationship between the teachers and the boys. Education is our guiding principle and our boarding school aims to educate.

Naturally it is not easy for me when our pupils sometimes have to learn to behave the hard way but it for their own good. Our teachers expect pupils to toe the line and show respect but treat them with affection.

I fully appreciate the trust my colleagues have placed in me and am also so grateful to the families who have entrusted their sons to me, the Eickhoffs and Kaulfelds to name just two of many. It makes us proud to have received applications from many regions and other countries, even from Paris, Switzerland, Sorgenfrei Palace and from all over Germany. The past years have shown us that we must continue our valuable work in the future.

Best wishes to all.

Dir. Birkenstock