The Educators and Teachers

A team of teachers and educators make up the faculty, and they run the activities during the Boarding School Weekend. Their work is supervised by the Headmaster. The teaching team know each other well and cooperate fully when preparing and running the weekends.

As in every school and home, there are teachers who specialise in various subjects and as well as teachers of academic subjects there is also a sports teacher, a school doctor, a pastor etc.

Just as in `normal life`, the teachers and educators are individuals in their own right and each one talks and acts in the manner that one remembers from own schooldays. You might feel more comfortable with one educator and do not like another so much and that is what makes it so real!

The educators have the right, anytime and anywhere, to monitor the behaviour of the pupils. They have full access to anywhere the pupils may be, including the showers. Educators may use the pupils within the limits decided beforehand or at the interview stage.
This means that they have absolute power over the pupils to make them complete an assignment or task in roleplay, but they also can have them fulfil their personal requirements and desires.