The Pupils

The pupil must play the role of a boy and regress to being a teenager. They are under the control and command of the teachers and must comply with any order to do work set in general subjects during lessons and also for homework if applicable.

The pupils will be supervised while working and be given marks on their performance. They will be trained in good behaviour and fitness. Embarrassing questioning, hygiene checks, medical examinations and also sexual abuse in various forms are part and parcel of boarding school life. As a young, impressionable boy, you do not really know how to protect yourself or say no ….

Just like the teachers and educators, the ‘boys’ should prepare for playing their role. This may happen already during the interview when applying to take part. The more the pupil gets into role, the better the experience will be. He has to be prepared to be thrown into the deep end. The minute he arrives, the boarding school roleplay begins.