Further Rules for the Boarding School Weekend

Roleplaying over several days does pose its challenges. It also provides the opportunity to forget about life for a while and enter a `different reality` and to explore the role you have taken on.

It is not easy to be in role and one can be pulled out if it very fast. Therefore, certain rules apply for the Boarding School Weekend.

  • Participants should try at all times, even during the breaks, to stay in role and not to strike up any adult conversations about personal problems concerning work, home or relationships.
  • Mobile phones are handed to the Headmaster on arrival. They can be used at lunchtime and during other breaks but must be requested from the Headmaster and returned after use. Personal valuables can be safely stored in the Headmaster`s office for the duration of the weekend,
  • On arrival all items of clothing not needed for the roleplay or other personal items (incl. car keys) must be handed over. These will not be returned until the end of the weekend.