Equipment and Attire

The true feeling of a Boarding School can only be achieved if people are dressed in a similar fashion as was traditionally the norm. We cannot really demand that people wear a strict uniform, but our guidelines ensure that our participants are suitable, dressed and dressed in a similar way to each other. This is not negotiable.

Dress Code is strict and on entering the Boarding School you will be inspected to see that you meet requirements.  If it is clear that you have made no effort to comply with the regulations, you will be denied entry and asked to leave.

The Boarding School provides its pupils with:

A tie, pyjamas, gym shorts and trainers for sport, towels.

The pupils are required to bring the following:

  • Bedlinen (white only!!!) – sheets, duvet cover and pillow case.
  • School uniform – Jeans (navy or black), white shirt ( if possible at least one per day), a dark belt and dark one-tone socks.
  • White underwear (at least one white vest and one pair of white underpants per day)
  • One pair of dark outdoor shoes (black if possible)
  • Dark jacket and raincoat (navy, grey or black without printed pictures or words) to be word in the event of poor weather.
  • Indoor shoes (black, not allowed to be weared outdoor) and/or Slippers (for use in bathroom, shower, at night …).
  • Sport shoes for activities. If these are totally black, they can also serve as normal shoes.
  • Sports gear – white sports socks and the abovementioned footwear.
  • Pullover/ sweatshirt (navy, dark blue or dark grey) to be worn in the event of cold weather. If worn over the shirt, plain white is fine too.
  • Other clothes needed for arrival and departure.
  • Shaving cream, razor, shampoo, shower gel, soap etc.
  • Pens, pencils, copy books, notepads etc.
  • A torch is recommended.

Mobile phones are handed to the Headmaster on arrival. They can be used at midday break and during other breaks but must be requested from the Headmaster and returned after use.