Taboos and Health

Our weekend is for men who enjoy living out their boarding school fantasies and who enjoy physical activity and punishments. Sex does come into this but there are certain ground rules.

During the registration process but AFTER the deposit has been received, each participant is given a questionnaire. There are various questions which cover a person`s desires and limits or taboos regarding sex, corporal punishment and SM.

A person`s taboos will be taken into consideration and nobody will be forced to do what they do not want to do. There are, however, no wish lists. The teachers are not there to fulfil any  fantasy you may have. Wishes can only be fulfilled if both teacher and student are willing to do it and it is within the roleplay.

Health is important and we support protected sex. Play is fine, sure! Anything else has to be agreed between the participants.

We are also responsible when it comes to meting out punishment and aware of the effect it is having on the pupils. Sanity overrides any desire to punish!

As well as spanking and sex, we are also concerned about any general health issues a participant might have. In the registration process participants are expressly asked about any health problems they have and it is the responsibility of the participant to disclose any information we need to know and he is responsible for himself over the course of the weekend. Please advise us of any allergies or specific dietary requirements.

We are aware that we are playing with adult men and not strong teenage boys. This means we will not over exert anyone with physical exercise.