Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection is guaranteed to all participants on our weekends.  For legal reasons, participants must give their first name and surname when registering, provided on transfer of payment at the latest.

Your personal data are kept by the one person entrusted to look after registration and is not shared. No other participant shall be given access to names or personal data such as Email addresses, home addresses or telephone numbers, unless the participant himself is willing to provide others with such information.

During registration each participant should make clear under what name he would like to be listed and how he would like to be known as during the roleplay. This is how he will always be referred to at the boarding school.

No photos will be taken without the explicit permission of the participants. Even in the case that agreement is provided, the face will not be shown or will be blurred so as to be unrecognisable if the photos are posted on our website. Please read the information concerning this in our gallery.

Only in rare cases are photos taken as taking photographs generally disturbs proceedings.

That is all about data protection. Due to the rather cramped living conditions in the boarding school, there is not much privacy. A lot of activities are group activities and showering, dressing etc. is done together.

Certain individual punishments take place in private rooms if this is deemed correct and better for the game. However, most punishments and inspections are carried out in the presence of several participants. An intimate atmosphere is therefore not guaranteed.