Terms and Conditions

 If the registration deposit is not received when due, the registration process will stop and participation will not be allowed.

  • A refund of the paid deposit is generally not possible.
  • Only when 100% of the school fee has been received can confirmation of participation be provided. If there is no confirmation of payment, participation is not possible.
  • The exact address as well as directions will be sent approximately . 14 days before the start of the weekend but only upon completion of payment
  • The organisers of the event and in particular the Headmaster of the Boarding School retain the right to deny participation to any individual deemed unsuitable for participation in the event. In such a case, a full refund will be given.
  • The organisers and in particular the Headmaster have the right to expel anyone who behaves inappropriately during the weekend by disrespecting the rules or ruining the roleplay for other participants. Should this occur, this person will be expelled immediately and will not be refunded as a place had already been assigned.
  • The same goes for any participant who, on arrival at the school, shows that he has not been honest with the information given in the registration process or shows unwilling to abide by the list of conditions received.
  • Reimbursement of payment received is only possible in exceptional circumstances irrespective of when or for what reason a participant has cancelled. As the transfer for the remaining sum is carried out about a month before the start of the event, we are unable to cancel the costs of accommodation and purchased material.
  • The arrival and departure must correspond to the official start and finish times of the event, which will have been published and sent to all participants. Those who live far away from the location of the Boarding School are requested to plan their journeys accordingly and if necessary, arrange accommodation for a night or more before and/or after the event at a nearby location.
  • Attendance at the event is at the participant`s own risk. In the case of illness or injury, the organisers bear no liability.
  • Upon registration the applicant recognises and accept all the rules and conditions as laid down in this document.
  • We recommend that you become a member of the Gay/Planet-Romeo-Group or the Gay-Royal-Community (on both with the name WE-Internat).