House and Court-Rules

The Boarding School Weekend (furtheron ‚BSW‘) is carrying out its event on rental basis of a house and compound owned by a third party (further on ‘the owner’) on certain terms and conditions to be respected by all participants.

Following rules have to be followed:

  1. 1. Regulations

All regulations laid down by the owner and/or by his associates as well as those by the Headmaster of the BSW regarding the use of the house must always be fully complied with. They are in place to ensure the smooth running of the house and the upkeep of the furnishings.

  1. 2. Staying in the House

It is forbidden to use the house and the grounds before or after the official start and finish of the BSW, unless permission has been granted to stay extra nights.

  1. 3. The First Floor

No outdoor shoes may be worn on the first floor. It is possible to change shoes on the ground floor.

  1. 4. Smoking

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the house. It is permitted outside in the grounds but please use ashtrays for cigarette butts.

  1. 5. Use appliances and furniture

Participants are responsible for the use of any appliances and furniture in the house or on the grounds and are liable in the case of damage. We ask participants to be careful when making use of any of the equipment provided. After use of any appliances or furniture participants are kindly requested to clean them, using disinfectant if necessary.

  1. 6. Bathrooms

The bathrooms, shower units and toilets are to be left in a clean state after use. Please be aware that these areas are used by all the guests and a certain standard of hygiene is therefore expected.  Please leave these areas in the condition that you would like to find them in.

  1. 7. Pool

The outdoor pool can be enjoyed in the summer months. The pool should not be seen as a place for washing oneself and we ask that patrons do not leave any bodily fluids (urine, excrement, sperm, blood) behind.

  1. 8. The kitchen

Entry to the kitchen is only permitted if such permission has been granted by the owner, his associates or the Headmaster and if you are in the kitchen, we ask you to be careful with all appliances, dishes and fittings.

  1. 9. The Grounds

The parking of vehicles on the grounds is restricted to designated parking areas. Please respect the trees, bushes and any installations on the grounds and refrain from throwing any litter. Lighting a fire is only possible by previous consent with the house owner and a special place has been built on for this purpose.

  1. 10. Violation of rules

The owner of the house, his associates and the Headmaster have to right to ask anyone who violates the rules above to vacate the premises with no refund or compensation whatsoever.